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Snow White Audition Info

  • Cat- Evil Queen's pet cat, requires great facial expressions and ability to portray feline movements.

  • Evil Queen- Strong soprano 1 singer, over-the-top character actress, preferably an actress 13 or older.

  • Walking Talking Magic Mirror- Requires clear line delivery.

  • Snow White- Strong soprano 1 singer, requires exceptional line delivery and memorization of over 140 lines. Searching for an actress age 13 or older.

  • Prince Robert- Some singing required, Searching for an actor 13 or older.

  • Huntsman- Male actor with strong line delivery. No singing required.

  • Enchanted Vixen- A fox who befriends Snow White. Requires clear, expressive line delivery. She is confident and kind.

  • Esmerelda- A young girl with a strong voice. She is the Evil Queen in disguise. Must be able to flip between sweet and evil in her scenes.

  • Crone- The evil queen disguised as an ugly, old hag. Strong voice with ability to hold harmony. Sings a jazzy duet with Snow White. Will need to physically hunch over and portray old and frail.


Dwarfs – can be played by males or females, looking for students who are physically smaller than Snow White.  

  • Sarge- A dwarf who likes to take charge of other dwarfs, has a commanding stage presence like “Doc”.

  • Gabby – A dwarf who likes to talk, looking for an actress with high energy.

  • Gloomy Gus- The dwarf who is a little “Grumpy”, lower energy.

  • Ticklish- The “dopey” of the dwarfs, needs to have great facial expressions.

  • Sprightly- A high energy “happy” dwarf.

  • Snore – The “sleepy” dwarf who just can’t seem to stay awake very long.

  • Slowpoke- A very low energy dwarf, He moves at his own pace, similar to "Bashful".

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