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Audition Preparation Checklist


Step 1: Sign up for an audition time slot that matches your age group for either Saturday August 12th or Sunday August 13th

Step 2: Email with the digital music link that you plan to audition with as soon as possible.

Step 3: Complete the registration forms that will be emailed to you prior to the audition

Step 4: Review our website to read character descriptions, tuition information, and to review the difference between our Rising Stars show “Snow White the Musical” and our Main Stage production of “Frozen”.

Step 5: Be sure your child has a song and short monologue memorized and prepared. Both song and monologue combined should not exceed 5 minutes. Please cut music if needed, or inform the director at what point in the song the music should start. You may not be able to complete the entire song, so be sure to choose the best part of that song to showcase your vocal ability within the time frame allotted. Ideal monologues should average 60-90 seconds, and songs 1-3 minutes.

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