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Main Stage Productions

Each year we perform one main stage musical production. We rehearse for 8 months, auditions take place in August and the show is performed in April.  Not every student who auditions will be accepted into this production and may be placed in our Rising Star production as there are limited slots available. Tuition costs to participate do apply, see tuition page for more info.

These shows are for students who take theater seriously and want to learn and grow in their theatrical skills. For most of the year we rehearse once or twice a week typically on Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoons (depending on your character and if you are scheduled to rehearse your scene that day).  The performance will take place on the Mar-Va stage in Pocomoke, MD, so many of our rehearsals will be held at that location. As we get closer to the show date most rehearsals will be at the Mar-Va and will become more frequent. If theater is a passion and a love for your student, and they are committed to it, then these shows are something you definitely want to be a part of. 

Rising Star Program

Our Rising Star production is also offered once a year. This production is an entry-level production and allows students to learn and grow in their theater abilities with less intensity and fewer rehearsals. Rehearsals for this show will be held once a week on Sunday afternoons. Auditions will be held in August and the performance will take place in November on the Mar-Va stage.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered year round to students who are looking to further their abilities in many different areas of theater. The lessons are tailored to each individual student and their needs.

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