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Alice in Wonderland
Character Descriptions

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A curious and imaginative young girl who gets lost in a world of her creation while working on her lesson in the park


Lewis Carrol 

Alice's Teacher


White Rabbit

 A highly energetic, and frequently tardy rabbit 


Dancing Flowers

Flowers that come to life and dance for Alice



An inhabitant of a mushroom in the forest. A poetry enthusiast who loves to blow bubbles.


Mama Robin:

A protective mother Robin who doesn't like when Alice finds herself in her nest


Roxy Robin:

The sassy baby robin that also doesn't like Alice being in her nest 


Cheshire Cat: 

Intelligent and mischievous inhabitant of the forest. Frequently quotes the Jabberwocky


March Hare:

 A member of the Tea Party who enjoys a good party. A little less crazy than the Mad Hatter and loves playing games.


 Mad Hatter: 

The host of the Tea Party. An eccentric and nonsensical fellow who befriends Alice. 


Dormouse (Played by a Tiny Actor):

 A mouse who lives at the Hatter’s tea party and in a teapot or sugar bowl.



 The Commander of the Queen’s Royal Navy. In charge of the Sea Creatures


Tweedle Dee:

 One half of a comedic duo.


 Tweedle Dum. 

One half of a comedic duo.



They work for the Queen. Always painting the roses red!


 Queen of Hearts: 

A commanding and maniacal ruler in Wonderland. Loves to play games, but only if she can win.   

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